Blasts from the past:

Intermedia Arts located in South Minneapolis; home to now defunct B-Girl Be but, a gracious hostess to many programs such as the Catalyst program, Media Active (youth produced media) etc. gave us a wonderful opportunity to interview Greta McLain and myself. From the Intermedia Arts Site. (SUPPORT INTERMEDIA THEY TRANSFORM LIVES)

For two years, fifth grade students from El Colegio Charter School and Bancroft Elementary School worked together to design and paint murals with powerful messages of hope. Led by artists Gustavo Lira and Greta McLain, students engaged in discussions about community and collabroation, discovered that art can be a tool for social change, and became leaders in their neighborhood through the creation of this inspiring community art project.

Enjoy this…

Art In Community: El Colegio Mural Project from Intermedia Arts on Vimeo.

Also some work I did for the Family Housing Fund. We worked on the issues of home, poverty and the ability to maintain and keep a home in this economy.

My statement from this project:

Although I have lived in the United States for nine years, the idea of home makes me think about what I left behind in my place of origin—Mexico. My family built a house there for all the children to use, and it remains a comfort knowing I still have that home if
I ever need it. Home, after all, is not only about security, family, and community, but about dignity, pride, and culture. And having one should be a basic right for every human being.

Personal and professional circumstances have led me to move a number of times in the past two years. This has been a struggle for me, but I often think about how difficult this would be for others, especially families. Adapting to new places, however, has given me insight into the unique challenges facing immigrants, an insight
I use in my art to address social issues. Check it.

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Video from Mural

Click on this link to view the MN Originals Broadcast

Mosaic of the Americas: Many Strengths, Many Struggles by Gustavo Lira, Lori Greene, Deborah Ramos, José Luis Soto, Isa Campos, María Guadalupe García Rojas and Crescencio Méndez Gaspar

The Resource Center of the Americas commissioned this mosaic mural in 2001. Three Minnesota artists–Gustavo Lira, Lori Greene and Deborah Ramos–collaborated with four Mexican artists–José Luis Soto, Isa Campos, María Guadalupe García Rojas and Crescencio Méndez Gaspar (part of a Mexican art collective known as Taller de Investigación Plástica) along with hundreds of volunteers on the project.

2009 Young People’s Ofrenda

Kimberly’s OfrendaDomini’s OfrendaMisael’s OfrendaZoey’s OfrendaPedro’s OfrendaMaria’s Ofrenda
Karen’s OfrendaAndrea’s OfrendaDulce’s OfrendaOlga’s OfrendaTania’s OfrendaLaura’s Ofrenda
Anna and William’s OfrendaTameka’s OfrendaAdriana’s OfrendaCee-Cee’s OfrendaRaymond’s OfrendaAlejandra’s Ofrenda
Arlette’s OfrendaFrancisco’s OfrendaMagaly’s OfrendaChastin’s OfrendaErick Emilio’s OfrendaManuel’s Ofrenda

2009 Young People’s Ofrenda, a set by Minneapolis Institute of Arts on Flickr.

This is the first year I collaborated with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and El Collegio Highschool. We developed this curriculum in order for any art educator to have access to materials for incorporation into their classrooms. I created this curriculum with El Collegio’s, Director, David Greenberg.